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Linas Lithuanian School

The Linas Lithuanian School, established in 2012, is a language school that meets every other week. Along with teaching its students Lithuanian language, it educates its students about Lithuanian history and culture.

Lankas Summer Camp

Lankas Summer Camp provides children of Lithuanian heritage with the opportunity to engage with their heritage in a fun and educational way during a week-long camp in August.

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Vakarai Choir

Seattle Vakarai is a Lithuanian choir that welcomes all individuals, no matter their proficiency in Lithuanian. They have been performing at community events in addition to participating in song festivals in Lithuania, Canada, and the USA since 2009. If you like singing in a choir and love Lithuanian songs, please join Seattle Lithuanian choir "Vakarai". Practices are held Sunday evenings at the Ronald United Methodist Church in Shoreline. Click on the link below to receive more information about this choir.

Lietutis Lithuanian Folk Dance Group

Lietutis Lithuanian Folk Dance Group has been central to our community since its inception in 1981. Through the years, they have performed in folk dance festivals throughout the United States, as well as festivals in Canada. It consists of two age groups: adults 18 and older and veterans. If you are interested in joining this wonderful group, click on the link below.

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Daughters of Lithuania

The Daughters of Lithuania is a nonprofit organization, established in 1958, with the motto, “A helping hand for the needy.” Their mission was, and continues to be, providing charitable aid to Lithuanian immigrants living in the United States, as well as to those in need in Lithuania. Run by women in the community, the Daughters of Lithuania offers workshops and opportunities for women in the community to gather together while at the same time helping those in need around them.

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